Smash Factory Club

Limited to the first 20 players
$400 Annual Subscription
$60 Per 1 hour Session.

*Minimum 12 session hours per year. No max on sessions.
*We will use Swing analysis with The Flightscope Mevo Plus Launch Monitor.
*Access to the Thriv Sports app, which is your online connection to lesson recaps, videos and notes.
2 Player Smash Factory Club

(2 Students)
$650 Yearly Subscription (total for both students)
$90 per 1 hour session total if both players share the lesson time.
$60 per player if it is an individual session.

*Minimum 12 sessions per year per student.
*Program includes everything listed in the Smash Factory Club.
Standard Packages

New Student Assessment : $50

First step towards a successful coaching/student relationship requires a discussion about goals and expectations. When you come out to the golf range/simulator we will discuss the status of your game, equipment and physical ability. You will get to go through your bag and hit various shots so that I can gain a better understanding of your golfing ability and learning style.By the end of the session, I will have a solid understanding of your golf swing and expectations. From here, I can form a game plan that will lead to your ultimate goal of becoming a better player.

1 Hour Coaching : $100
5 Hour Coaching package : $475
10 Hour Coaching package : $925
15 Hour Coaching package : $1350
20 Hour Coaching package : $1650

Short game (30 mins) : $50

Club Fitting (30min/60min) : $50/$75

*Group rates-first player full 2 or more players 50 percent additional each.

*Coaching includes; use of range balls at Niagara Frontier if we are outdoors.

*On range launch monitor analysis using Flightscope Mevo plus launch along with video analysis. Online players locker with

*On course playing lessons are available and they go by the same rate.

Group Packages

Player 1 = 100% (ex. $100)
Player 2 = 50% (ex. $50)
Player 3 = 25% (ex. $25)
Player 4 = 25% (ex. $25)

4 player group for 1 hour.Total $200= $50 per player
2 player group for 1 hour. Total $150 = $75 per player


"Matt is a bright and talented teacher and coach of the game of golf. He effectively teaches all levels of players from beginners to advanced and makes the game fun to learn and play."

~ Brian Jacobs, PGA

“I have been working with Matt and The Smash Factory for just about a year and could not be more pleased with my progress. Matt has done an incredible job breaking down my swing, helping to improve my mechanics while at the same time educating me on the golf swing and the reason behind any adjustment. I am hitting the ball further and more consistent, I am fully bought into The Smash Factory!”

~ Jake T.